Hair Salon and Nail Salon and Beauty Salon in Abu Dhabi.

Providing Haircuts, Hair Colors, Hair Perms, Hair Straightening, Hair Rebonding, Keratin Treatments, Manicure, Pedicure, Nail Extensions, Facial Treatments, Moroccan bath, Waxing, Threading and much more.

Finding the right Hair Salon or Nail salon in Abu Dhabi is not difficult. In fact there are many Hair salons and Nail Salons in Abu Dhabi. At Boston Beauty Salon we stride to be unique by providing services that can make you look amazing and prepare you for any special event coming up for you in Abu Dhabi.

A Moroccan bath provides the first step of obtaining great skin. The steam in the bath opens up your pores and the exfoliation with traditional Moroccan black soap, herbs and henna removes dirt, oils and any other pollutants from the skin.

After the bath provides a fresh palate, enjoy skin care treatments that are designed around your skin type. We provide skin care services based on your final goal, but the results are always beautiful skin that is properly moisturized and ready to take on the day.

Although your skin sets the foundation of a beautiful appearance, we offer services that finish the look you want and we can prepare you for any special event.

The hair salon services at our beauty salon offer the opportunity to get the style that you want. We can color, cut, perm and style your hair. While we work on your hair, we offer advice about the best ways to work with your hair and get the look you want on a regular basis.

Our nail salon services and henna services can complete your look with the fine details. Add a beautiful henna design to your hands and get a relaxing manicure to give the final touches on your new appearance.

An amazing appearance begins with the foundation: your skin. At Boston Hair Salon and Nail Salon, we can help you get the great skin you want so that you look and feel amazing. Call us today to set up an appointment.


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